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Terms of Service

Our service

Our service allows you to discover, generate and share ideas on any topic, provides a forum for people to connect and inspire people around the world.


Service provider

We are operating under the applicable laws and regulations, which ensure that users are fairy protected and secured according applicable terms of service.


Applicable terms

Your use of the Service is subject to the Community Guidelines, Policy & Safety and Copyright Policies which may be updated from time to time. Your agreement with us will also include advertising on iFODEA.


Who may use the Service?

You shall be at least 13 years old to use the service. If you are under 18, you represent that you have your parents or guardian’s permission to use the service. If you are using the service on behalf of a company or organization, you represent that you have authority to act on behalf of that entity, and that entity accepts this agreement.


Your use of the Service

The content on the Service includes texts, images, branding and other materials whether provided by you, iFODEA or a third-party (collectively, “content”). Content is the responsibility of the person or entity that provides it to the service. iFODEA is under no obligation to host or serve content. If you see any content you believe does not comply with this agreement, including by violating the community guidelines or the law, you can report it to us.


iFODEA channels

Creating an iFODEA channel gives you access to additional features and functions, such as publishing articles, creating posts, making comments, creating ArticleList, direct message, adding articles to library and more.


Your information

Our Privacy Policy keep your personal data safe and protect your privacy when you use the Service.



Using the Service does not give you ownership of or rights or any aspect of the Service, including user names or any other content posted by other users or iFODEA.


Develop and Update the Service

iFODEA is continuously developing and updating the Service. We may make updates and/or changes such as adding or removing features and functionalities. We may also need to alter the Service in order to make performance or security improvements, make changes to comply with law, or prevent illegal activities on or abuse of our systems. If we make any change that may impact your use of the Service, iFODEA will give you notice with reason in advance, except in urgent situations such as preventing abuse, responding to legal requirements, or addressing security and operability issues. We also provide you with tool to export your content.


Your Content and Conduct

Posting content

If you have an iFODEA channel, you may be able to post content to the Service. You may use your content to promote your business. When you post content, you shall not post any content that does not comply with our policies or the law. Content you post shall not include third-party intellectual property (such as copyrighted material) unless you have permission from that party or are legally entitled to do so. You are legally responsible for content you post to the service. iFODEA may use automated systems to analyze your content to help infringement and abuse, such as spam, malware and illegal content.


Rights you have

You retain ownership rights in your content. However, we require you to grant certain rights to iFODEA and other users of the Service, as described below:


License to iFODEA

By providing content to the Service, you grant to iFODEA a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to use that content (including to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works, display and perform it) in connection with the Service and iFODEA’s business, including for the purpose of promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service.


License to other users

You also grant other user a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to access your content through the Service, and to use that content, including to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works, display, and perform it, only as enabled by a feature of the Service. This license does not grant any rights or permissions for a user to make use of your content independent of the Service.


Duration of license

The license granted by you continue for a commercially reasonable period of time after you remove or delete your content from the Service. You understand and agree, however, that iFODEA may retain, but not distribute, or perform, server copies of your content that have been removed or deleted.


Rights to monetize

You grant to iFODEA right to monetize your content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads).


Removing your content

You may remove your content from the Service at any time. You also have option to make copy of your content before removing it. You shall remove your content if you no longer have the rights required by these terms.


Removal of content by iFODEA

If any of your content:

  1. is breach of this policy
  2. may cause harm to iFODEA, other users, or third parties, we reserve the right to remove or take down some of all of such content in our discretion. We will notify you with the reason for our action unless we reasonably believe that to do so:
    1. would breach the law or the direction of a legal enforcement authority or would otherwise risk legal liability for iFODEA
    2. would compromise an investigation or the integrity or operation of the Service
    3. would cause harm to any user, other third party or iFODEA


Copyright protection

We provide tool to help copyright holders manage their intellectual property online. If you believe your copyright has been infringed on the Service, please send us a notice.


Account Suspension & Termination

Terminations by you

You may stop using the service at any time. You also may have the option to download a copy of your data first.


Terminations and suspensions by iFODEA

iFODEA have the right to suspend or terminate your account or your access to all or part of the Service if:

  1. you repeatedly breach the policy
  2. we are required to do so to comply with a legal requirement or a court order
  3. we reasonably believe that there has been conduct that creates (or could create) liability or harm to any user, other third party or iFODEA.


Notice for termination or suspension

We will notify you with reason for termination or suspension by iFODEA unless we reasonably believe to do so:

  1. would violate the law or the direction of a legal enforcement authority
  2. would compromise an investigation
  3. would compromise the integrity, operation or security of the Service
  4. would cause harm to any user, other third party or iFODEA.


Effect of account suspension or termination

If your account is terminated or your access to the Service is restricted, you may continue using certain aspects of the service such as viewing only, and this policy continue to apply such use. If you believe that the termination or suspension has been made error, you can make an appeal to iFODEA.


About this Policy

Changing this Policy

We may change this policy to:

  1. to reflect changes to the Service or how we do business
  2. for legal regulatory or security reasons
  3. to prevent abuse or harm

If we materially change this policy, we will provide you notice with reason in advance and the opportunity to review the changes, except:

  1. when we launce a new product or feature
  2. in urgent situation, such as preventing ongoing abuse or responding to legal requirements. If you don’t agree to new terms, you should remove any content you post and stop using the Service.


Continuation of this policy

If you use of the Service ends, the following terms will continue to apply to you other terms, and the licenses granted by you will continue as described under “Duration of license”.



If it turns out that a particular term of this policy is not enforceable for any reason, this will not affect any other terms.


No waiver

If you fail to comply with this policy and we do not take immediate action, this does not mean that we are giving up any rights that we may have (such as the right to take action in the future).



In these terms, “include” or “including” means “including but not limited to”, and any examples we give for illustrative purposes.


Limitation on legal action

You and iFODEA agree that any cause of action arising out of or related to the service shall commence within one year after the cause of action accrues. Otherwise, such cause of action is permanently barred.