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Getting started on iFODEA

iFODEA gives publishers flexibility so that you can start publishing and sharing articles and finding your audiences on the way you like to create.


Build a space for your articles: start your channel and start exploring. Create a hub for your audiences and start building a space for all your contents.


Before your first post: before you publish a single article, you need to set up your channel basics. We will cover how to set up your setting easily, so you can start creating right away.


Make sure your contents follow our rules: our copyright and community guidelines exist to keep users a fair and protected for all content creators. Get to know with these policies, so you can make sure that your contents follow the rules and reaches your audiences.


Publish in My Content Studio: Create and manage contents in My Content Studio where you can create, publish, edit your post, see analytics and more.


Organize and create ArticleList: once you create, you can create ArticleList to guide your audiences to know your channel.


iFODEA Analytics: iFODEA Analytics shows you the data behind your channel. This feature can assist you acknowledge trends what works and what does not work, and understand your audiences who read your articles so you can plan how you publish in the future.


Building your audience

Create interesting contents that inspire interaction and manage conversation. iFODEA gives you the space to create, so you can let your audiences into your channel in positive ways.


Interact with your audiences: interacting with your audiences is a crucial part of being a creator. So, create and share ideas, and keep the conversation going on. We provide tools that can help users engagement and more. The more you engage with your audiences, the more they will engage with you. Having conversation with your audiences and responding to their feedback is key to growing your channel.


Interacting with the comments: let your audiences know that you are paying attentions to what they are saying by replying and liking their comments. iFODEA always removes comments that violate our Guidelines. Also, you may delete or block comments or audiences.


Finding new audiences: iFODEA helps you attract new audiences by providing you user statistics and boosting your contents.


Growing your channel

For creator who are looking to grow your channel. We provide you with statistics and tools to get your channel to next level.


Reach your audiences: understand the way your audiences find your articles. iFODEA pay attention to audiences more than articles. So, rather than trying to make contents which make iFODEA happy, focus on making contents which make your audiences happy.


Content recommendation: we monitor what audiences read, how long they read and what interaction they make. This helps us realize what kind of contents they like and we recommend relevant contents to them.


Content planning: things like how long is your article is and how often you publish is how you plan to suite your audiences.


Use data to make decisions: looking at your channel’s statistics can help you make it better. Use data to get to know your audiences and their reading habits, see opportunities to sustainably grow your channel.


Keep your content fresh: even you have loyal audiences, you may miss out audiences who love your contents. So, you should keep your contents interesting and up-to-date to maintain and attract your existing and new audiences.