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Policy & Safety

iFODEA has a set of policies that outline what type of content isn’t allowed on iFODEA. These policies apply to all types of content on our platform. Our policies aim to make a safe community while still giving content creators freedom to share broad range of ideas.


What type of content isn’t allowed on iFODEA

  1. Spam & deceptive practices (fake engagement, impersonation, spam, deceptive practices & scams)
  2. Sensitive content (nudity and sexual content, suicide and self-harm, vulgar language)
  3. Violent or dangerous content (harassment and cyberbullying, harmful or dangerous content, hate speech, violent criminal organizations, violent or graphic content)
  4. Regulated goods (firearms, sale of illegal or regulated goods or services)
  5. Misinformation


Develop and update policies

Each of our policies is carefully considered through so they are consistent, well-informed, and can be applied to content from around the world. We are always evaluating our policies to understand how we can build a better community.


Policies enforcement

iFODEA ensures that our platform follows the policies. To do that, we use the automate system and our community itself to report potentially problematic content. Our team then remove reported content that violates our policies.