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Signs You Are Not Positive And How To Stay Positive

Signs You Are Not Positive And How To Stay Positive
Signs You Are Not Positive And How To Stay Positive
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Staying positive is the utmost desire of every human soul, but the truth is that many factors that affect positivity arise from the surrounding.

A positive surrounding produces a quality life that is productive and rewarding, while a hostile environment suppresses the moods, which brings in stress and lowers the quality of living.

For instance, since the inception of COVID19, humans have faced challenging moments incurred by new restraining measures and economic suppression. By the way, all the economies are slowly recovering from the pandemic shakeup that left millions dead and jobless.

In such circumstances, it’s possible to harbor negative feelings and lack positive energy. Whichever, this article encourages you to rise again. It does not matter the hell you have been through. The capacity to turn a life around is in your hands.  

Before enlisting signs that you’re not optimistic and providing proven steps to overcome the situations, please note that your soul is superior. You’ve been given the power to subdue the world. So, you’re an overcomer. Nevertheless, the following signs could derail your progress towards positivity.

Signs you’re not positive

  • You consider your efforts not enough
  • You filter content to implicate you negatively
  • You rarely complete your projects
  • The past affects your future
  • You rarely celebrate success
  • You pick arguments with people over little or unnecessary things
  • You have no motivation to try out new things
  • You’re jealous of others’ success.
  • You feel lonely amid people
  • You predict the negative outcome of every situation
  • You’re over superstitious

Follow the following ways to stay positive and establish a successful life.

Change your environment

Your environment can dictate the nature of your moods, impacting your quality of life. Stay positive is a choice that starts by cultivating an encouraging environment. As wise men say, “ a change is good as a rest” you can start by making changes in your home. Maybe the compound or the house interior needs to change. So, invest in your environment to erect a positive and encouraging mood. You can change your bedding, painting, or even the compound.

The environment also cuts across the neighbors and your daily chores. You probably wake up late, contributing to a dull day and eventually reducing your productivity. Perhaps, you do not exercise or engage in any mind-searching activity in the morning. This is enough to suppress jovial mood and create little changes of rediscovering self.

Maybe you face negative criticism from friends, family, or spouses, and such criticism can dampen your mood and energy, transitioning you to a less attentive and productive person. Sometimes, routines can limit discovering new avenues and solutions in approaching daily obstacles. So, another way to stay positive is by avoiding daily routines. Ensure each day is unique but towards the same life goals.

Stay positive through exercise and a balanced diet

Regular workouts help in boosting energy throughout the body. Also, exercises are crucial in increasing your endurance and strength. Cardiovascular exercises help deliver nutrients and oxygen to all body cells and organs. Consequently, the body rejuvenates and becomes healthy, improving the capacity to work and respond to daily activities.

Also, exercises help your body relax, which promotes peaceful and restful sleep. People who exercise severally enjoy a productive sex life that boosts endurance and confidence. Vigorous and moderate activities help your body lose weight which is crucial in promoting and sustaining normal daily functions.

A person who exercises daily enjoys an unlimited supply of blood and oxygen in all body cells and organs. Consequently, the body makes sound judgments with self-assurance that promote productivity in all aspects of human life.

A balanced diet helps establish and sustain positive energy levels in the body. Every serving of a quality balanced diet is ideal for growing body organs and cells and transitioning to a healthy person. Thus, stay positive by minding your diet and considering regular exercise.

Stay positive by investing in self

You can stay positive by being responsible for your decisions. Know that every decision you make has immediate and long-term consequences. No matter the situation, stay positive by maintain focus. Make It your efforts always to disregard the negative and focus on the better option.

Invest in yourself by joining support groups at the community level. Associate with people who share ideas and thoughts that positively impact your life. Ask for support in areas that may be draining your energy and positivity in life. For instance, single parents may find parenting overwhelming, and one way to release the tension is by associating with a community group willing to help. Some groups have invested in methods that help manage addictions and provide concrete solutions regarding employment, savings, and domestic violence.

So, find environments or groups that help you release tension. Some groups have unique outdoor activities that help unwind and reposition to a productive, positive life.

Stay positive by setting personal goals

Setting achievable personal goals can establish and retain a positive life. The first personal goal to think about in this regard is your health. Set health goals for the short and long-term achievements. Remember, health goals start with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Financial goals also contribute to staying positive in life. To achieve a status of economic health, ensure you keep track of your investing, earning, and spending. Always spend within your means and against a set plan. Again, set aside a financial kit that caters to car repair, broken appliances, accidents, job loss, and medical expenses.

Also, you can achieve financial freedom by paying off debts within the stipulated timeframes. Again, it’s advisable to consider all options before borrowing since unnecessary loans can lead to unplanned spending and deficits.

Financial freedom immensely contributes to positivity which is achievable by having more income than expenditure. Run your books of accounts to balance off and keep profits in terms of savings and investments.

Note that some forms of investments can lead to financial freedom or burden. Thus, conduct thorough research before settling for any digital and offline assets. Additionally, you can look for more jobs to increase your monthly income and savings.

Stay positive through recreational activities

You can opt to stay positive by investing in recreational activities. Always have time to break from your schedule and enjoy some recreational moments. Refrain from discussing personal matters when in recreation to allow the mind an opportunity to rest.

The recreational activities should not be expensive or away from the typical budget. Opt for free recreational centers available in the community. Also, use recreational activities as an opportunity to heal, so it’s advisable to switch off your phone. Some distractions can potentially ruin happy moments; thus, be intentional with your happy time.


Staying positive seems like a personal decision, but other factors surrounding a person contribute to being positive. The environment, financial health, exercise, and a balanced diet are some elements that may affect your positivity in life.

Be deliberate about happiness since you have a life to live and safeguard. You do not owe your friends any explanations which are against your stance. So, love yourself and invest in the activities that complement you.

What have you learnt from this article? Please share it as a response article, and it shall be published.


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