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Can I Quit My Job And Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Can I Quit My Job And Become An Affiliate Marketer?
Can I Quit My Job And Become An Affiliate Marketer?
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Would it be wise to quit your job and become an affiliate marketer? Well, it all depends on your financial commitments.

Also, it depends on your career aspirations and your returns from your current employment. 

A desire to quit your job and become an affiliate marketer could be motivated by your long-term and short-term life goals.

By the way, are you able to save from your current income? Is the employment self-sufficient in response to career and personal obligations?

Is your job worth quitting, and do you possess significant knowledge and drive to pursue a career as an affiliate marketer?

The above questions do not necessarily portray affiliate marketing jobs above other careers but provide an intuitive guide on factors to consider before quitting your job and becoming an affiliate marketer.

The following is an easy guide on factors to consider when quitting your job and choosing affiliate marketing.

Current career opportunities within the position

Before quitting your affiliate marketing jobs, you must exhaust all career opportunities within your organization.

Remember, more opportunities exist in your current employment since most organizations consider the recruitment, training, and hiring process time-consuming and costly. Thus, reconsider the available options before submitting your resignation letter.

Again, it is advisable to ask for advice maybe from your boss or a career mentor. Seek the vertical and lateral options available to help advance the ladder.

Also, investigate growth and development options in your current employment. Some organizations run career growth and development as part of their corporate social responsibility, which can help you gain additional skills and experiences.

After you exhaust all the career opportunities within the position, follow the next step to know whether you should quit your job to start a career in affiliate marketing.

Your financial obligations

Before clearing your desk and submitting the resignation letter, it is advisable to consider your financial obligations.

Consider your financial obligations regarding student loans, if any, auto loans, credit cards, and mortgages.

Thus, you should quit your job to start a career in affiliate marketing if you have laid out a straightforward procedure to facilitate paying off the loans.

This is the next crucial step when considering affiliate marketing above your career.

Can Affiliate Marketing Be a Career?

Do not quit your job blindly to start an affiliate marketing career with little knowledge and expertise.

Before drafting your resignation letter, consider your knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing.

Remember, affiliate marketing has many players; thus, you need a unique selling proposition to outdo the competitors.

Skills and zeal are essential to maneuver through competition and become a successful affiliate marketer.

Also, determination and the ability to solve problems come in handy.

Remember, affiliate marketing is not a walk in the park but a career requiring discipline and determination. The affiliate marketing jobs for beginners may demand more attention and ability than your current employment.

So are you a problem solver? If yes, then you stand the upper hand in leading a successful career in affiliate marketing.

Apart from solving problems, it would be best if you are a creative person to become a successful affiliate marker.  

A creative marketer understands the overall market risks and opportunities and uses wit to unravel the market.

Must have before quitting your job for an affiliate marketing career

The best way to quit your job and start a career in affiliate marketing is by gathering all the necessities for affiliate marketing.

Having a platform in mind before quitting your job and starting affiliate marketing is advisable. Unique platforms to help you jumpstart your career in affiliate programs include social media platforms.

A platform cannot work without an audience; thus, creating a following or audience targeting the market of interest is advisable.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok are some social media sites that can help you start a fruitful career in affiliate marketing.

But it starts with an influential audience to grow a successful affiliate marketing career. Be part of the audience, interact and let them long for your posts.

Alternatively, it’s also suitable to have a blog or a website to run your affiliate marketing, as provided below.

Starting your blogs/website for your affiliate marketing

Quitting your job to start a career in affiliate marketing may require you to have a personal blog/website. The two platforms help reach digital websites/organizations, extending affiliate marketing services to interested parties.

Thus, starting a blog for your affiliate marketing is quick and straightforward. It begins by customizing templates offered freely on the internet.

Also, a blog post requires a convenient hosting platform regarding customer support, uptime, and bandwidth.

Remember, a blog is like a small business where a niche is essential. Narrow down to a niche that reaches the target market. Ensure that the niche is specific and addresses the customers’ immediate needs.

Importantly, settle for the blog domain and name that sells in the media. The blog name, logo, and design should be appealing and command a presence on the marketing website.

The blog and the website follow similar rules, including integration with digital financial institutions and security details that ensure customer protection.

What drives you?

When considering quitting your job to become an affiliate marketer, what is your drive matters?

Do will and purpose drive you? If yes, then establishing a successful affiliate career is inevitable.

You can know you’re driven by purpose if your heart desires to move out of your comfort zones and the factors that make you secure to lead a successful affiliate marketing career.

When purpose drives you, nothing stands against achievement. You take the challenges and obstacles as your force in the next successful affiliate career level.

Also,  purpose motivates you to become consistent despite failure and obstacles. A determined soul pierces through the bright rays to exist in an upper reality.

Thus, to lead a successful career as an affiliate marketer, you need consistent determination in achieving your goals and obligations.


Can I quit my job and become an affiliate marketer is one of the many questions that may drive your search to this website.

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