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How To Build A Startup Website Without Technical Knowledge

How To Build A Startup Website Without Technical Knowledge
How To Build A Startup Website Without Technical Knowledge
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People who encounter a problem, instead of waiting for other to provide a solution, create that solution by themselves. It is not about whether you have relevant tech background or not, but it is about how strong is your conviction because you will find a way to make it happen. This concern is still in the minds of people who plan a tech startup. In fact, building a tech startup website does not necessarily require strong tech background.

It is about learning that technology but not necessary programming. You need to manage things to be done and developed, instead of trying to do or develop by yourself. Coding is one of many tasks in the operation.

So, these are 6 things to do to build a tech startup website without technical background:

1. Learning technological basics.

You don’t need to learn programming, but you should learn enough to be able to discuss with a development team and understand a feeling of how it is doing.

The front end is the interface that a user experiences on a platform. The back end focuses on the server-side of the platform, which processes data and presents information to the front end.

In addition, when you interact with your development team, you should do research and understand any term that you are not familiar with.

2. Find a platform in a marketplace

You don’t need to start developing from scratch. There are a lot of platforms available for purchase in online marketplace, so you just need to find any platform that has similar functions and features to what you want to build.

With this way, you can start working from existing platform, which you only need to customize those features and functions based on what you want to build.

There is big difference between developing from scratch and customizing from existing platform, with second option you spend less time and cost of development.

3. Find a developer

Now it is time to find a develop who is suitable for your web application and budget. You can do some research on a freelancers or agencies in an online marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr.

You can check their profiles and hourly rates, then you can start discussing and doing some interviews with them. After that you make shortlist of your candidates and select the most suitable one to you.

Another way is that you find a technical cofounder who has ability to code and create the product with you. With this in mind, you seek out a technical cofounder with software knowledge to lead development to success.

You need to find a technical founder when you have no tech knowledge to lead development and need long-term support, your business relies on developing a new and innovative technology and your business needs to continuously grow and have long-term goals.

However, cofounding with a wrong person may cause disaster more than development because of conflicting vision or lack of reliability. So, you should take a careful look at every person whom you consider having as a technical cofounder.

4. Create blueprint for a web application

Website blueprint is a set of plans that allow a developer to easily understand and construct a web application.

- Set your goal and purpose

Firstly, you should identify your web application’s purpose. After that, you determine your audience target and set goals.

- Create content strategy

Content that are published on your web application is crucial to both audiences and search engines. Audiences will view, read, watch, and listen to that content. Search engines will use that content to determine what search results your web application belongs in.

- Decide on web application’s structure

Figure out that which webpages that your web application needs to have. You then decide which features are needed for each webpage.

- Create a mockup for a web application

You can use any simple digital software to design an initial rough draft of your web application just to give a developer an ideal of how it looks. If you can’t access to that software, you can use pen and paper to draw up a mockup webpage.

5. Use work management platform

You are the one who takes responsibility of setting up benchmarks on quality, reporting and execution. There are many platforms that you can use to effectively manage your development team as a manager. You don’t have to learn coding, but you only need to set benchmarks on performance and use tools that helps you keep good performance.

6. Hosting and launching your web application

After completion of development, you need to host your web application with hosting service provider. Shared hosting is one of popular hosting options because it gives you affordable way to get your web application online at initial phase. You also need to do some research on hosting service providers and consider that their services should have stability, scalability, and security.

This shows that coding is only one of a whole variety of skills necessary to build digital products. What you need at the beginning is idea and a good plan that you can start with. A right technical partner can assist you make technical decisions and solve technical issues. In addition, such a partnership can give you more time that you can spend on your business plan, marketing plan, budget plan, and other business operations.

However, this is only to give you the overview of how to build a tech startup website without technical knowledge. For further details and ideas, you need to do more research, which will give you strong foundation and more knowledge on how you can get your digital product succeeded.

Good luck with your journey!

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