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CoinTech2u Review: Unveiling the AI-Powered Trading Bot's Profitable Potential

CoinTech2u Review: Unveiling the AI-Powered Trading Bot's Profitable Potential
CoinTech2u Review: Unveiling the AI-Powered Trading Bot's Profitable Potential
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The trading bot known as "CoinTech2u" has gained considerable recognition. Its presence within the crypto community has sparked unanimous praise for its ability to consistently generate genuine profits while minimizing potential losses. However, it's worth delving into the mechanics behind the CoinTech2u bots and understanding their operational principles.

When juxtaposed with the functionality of alternative trading bots, it becomes evident that CoinTech2u sets itself apart. Unlike most automated trading bots that are confined to operating solely within the spot market – limited to purchases alone – CoinTech2u distinguishes itself by empowering users to automate their trades within the crypto futures market. This versatility extends to both long and short positions, effectively mitigating the risk of loss. Additionally, CoinTech2u incorporates a cost averaging mechanism, ensuring profitability in both upward and downward market trends.

Notably, Binance's profit and loss analysis attests to CoinTech2u's exceptional performance, having facilitated over $22 million in trading profits for users globally. Impressively, its success rate in trades stands at a remarkable 98%.

For those intrigued by CoinTech2u, a comprehensive introduction to this trading bot is in order.

So, what exactly is CoinTech2u?

At its core, CoinTech2u is an AI-driven trading bot that employs an intelligent algorithm to automate cryptocurrency trading activities. Leveraging trend-based trading strategies, the bot capitalizes on market fluctuations in both bullish and bearish directions, consistently proving its profitability. An integral aspect of CoinTech2u's appeal lies in its seamless connectivity to Binance and OKX exchanges through APIs.

Let's explore five notable features that set CoinTech2u apart:

Full Automation:

One of CoinTech2u's standout attributes is its AI system's round-the-clock vigilance over market dynamics. This enables automated execution of both long and short positions, guided by efficient trading strategies. Essentially, the bot operates tirelessly, generating profits day and night.

Safety First:

CoinTech2u users can be assured of the safety of their funds and earnings. Since the API integration directs funds to users' personal trading accounts, CoinTech2u has no access to these assets. This ensures complete control over finances, with the ability to withdraw at any time.

Zero Fees:

CoinTech2u operates on a profit-sharing model, negating the need for monthly or yearly fees. A 20% deduction from profits only occurs when gains are made. Conversely, if no profits are realized, no deductions are applied. The bot operates devoid of hidden fees, offering transparency to users.

Profit Generation:

Backtesting reveals that CoinTech2u's trading bots can achieve profits ranging from 5% to 30% within just 30 days, all while avoiding losses. These results have garnered validation from professional traders across the globe.

Bonus Cashback Assurance:

In both bullish and bearish market conditions, CoinTech2u's trading bots prove valuable. A distinctive feature is the bonus cashback guarantee, triggered when a user's position faces Stop Loss or Liquidation due to abnormal market shifts. In such instances, users receive a 30% bonus card (fee), amounting to a $300 bonus applicable to trading fees. This innovative approach can lead to profits up to $1,500, significantly surpassing the initial $300 cashback bonus.

What trading strategy does the bot use?

CoinTech2U's secret is an automated trading system that uses trading strategies through risk control. By trading hedging (that is, opening both short and long positions on each coin) and using a spread of up to 20 coins, coupled with a small position size relative to the size of the portfolio.

Cointech2U's AI system opens positions for each user's portfolio in different zones and price ranges.

Importantly, this bot trading system uses money management to control the overall portfolio risk. for ease of use so as not to monitor the movement of the price.

Trading system can be profitable. both when the market runs in a clear direction and when the market adjusts, swings up and down, making profits in the opposite direction as well.

Basic Guide: Easy-to-understand detailed registration Cointech2U

How to register Cointech2U bot

For the process of registering for the Cointech2U bot, first let friends go to the website Then fill out the information for registration as follows.

  1. Enter the desired account name.
  2. Enter your email and press "Send code"
  3. Enter the received code sent to your email.
  4. Enter the invitation code "a38WJ" in the Bonus Referral Code box.
  5. Set up a password for your account. The password must not exceed 8 characters and must use only letters and numbers.
  6. Once the registration is complete, you can login to access via

How to fill gas to activate bots

This money is a point card (Gas cost) for activating trading bots. Because if we don't buy a point card, we won't be able to use the CoinTech2u bot. This money will not be deducted in any way. Because if we make a profit, CoinTech2u will deduct 20% of the profit from the point card. We can withdraw this amount at any time. By way of depositing, there are simple steps as follows.

  1. For how to deposit money to the bot to buy point cards, go to our wallet, then press Deposit to copy the address and transfer USDT (TRC20) from the Binance exchange to the bot account. The minimum deposit amount to purchase a point card is 100 USDT.

  2. After depositing money to the bot wallet, wait about 10 – 15 minutes to receive the deposit. Then go to our wallet page to buy a point card. Start by selecting a package, filling in the payment password and pressing confirm.


*An example of how a point card system works Let's say we buy a point card with $120. The balance was reduced to $88.19 ($31.81 gas minus x 5 total gains = $159).

Later, it appears that the money is 10 dollars, let us buy the point card again so that the bot can continue to use.

Basic instructions for setting up a bot

Please see Google Sheet for bot setting instructions.

Note: Keep your reserve fund in Spot or Funding account. In case of market fluctuation (Floating Loss more than 50%), transfer your reserve fund to Futures account.

Guide to Establishing API Connections For Binance and OKX

Connecting API Between Binance and Cointech2U:

  1. Download the Binance app and register your account on Binance. Then complete the KYC process using your personal data.
  2. Make sure you place your funds in the Binance futures wallet (USD-M), not in funding or spot.

  3. Let's set up the futures settings. Go to Futures, press the three dots in the upper right corner (...), and select Preferences.

  4. Select Position settings as 'Hedge Mode', Contract Unit as 'USDT', and Asset Mode as Multi 'asset mode'.

  5. The next process is to bind the API, open the Binance homepage and select 'More'. Scroll down to the other section below and select API Management.

  6. Choose to Create API & Select System Generated.

  7. Copy and save the API Key and Secret Key (for rare: 13)
  8. Uncheck the yellow box and complete the security authenticator process, see image 6 (IMPORTANT).
  9. Rename this API as 'Cointech2u'.
  10. Check Enable Futures and Limit access to trusted IPs only (IMPORTANT).

  11. Copy and paste these APIs to your Binance account:
  12. Save the API settings and now switch to the Cointech2u app. Make sure you have registered and downloaded the application.
  13. Select 'Bind API' and select Binance. Enter the API Key and Secret Key that you have saved, then press confirm. These two keys are very dangerous to share with others, it is recommended to delete the saved key results.

Connecting API Between Binance and Cointech2U:

  1. Download the OKX application and register your account with OKX. Then complete the KYC process using your personal data.
  2. Make sure you place your funds in the OKX trading wallet, not in funding.
  3. Click on the profile menu in the top left corner and select API.

  4. Click Create API, then enter the API Name 'Cointech2u', password '@Abcd1234', select Additional Trade menu, and click Confirm.

  5. Complete the security verification and copy the API Key + Secret Key (saved for step 7).

  6. Now switch to the cointech2u application. Make sure you have registered and downloaded the application.
  7. Select 'Bind API' and select OKX. Enter the API Key and Secret Key that you have saved, then click confirm. These two keys are very dangerous to share with others, it is recommended to delete the saved key results.

  8. Next, switch to the OKX application, open the trading menu in the middle, and select USDT perpetual.
  9. Click on the three-dot menu (...) in the top right corner and select settings.

  10. Select the Account mode from single assets to Multi assets, select trading unit 'Crypto', and Position type 'Long/Short Mode'.

  11. The last exchange mode is from isolation mode to cross mode, and we're done.

Profit Review:

After conducting a thorough backtest using the CoinTech2u bot, an initial investment of $10,000 was employed for trading. Within the span of 30 days, this account realized a remarkable gain of approximately $2,600, translating to an impressive profit margin of 26%.

This positive trajectory continued beyond the initial 30 days, as the account consistently generated profits driven by the inherent volatility of the market.

Collectively, the trading bot exhibited a commendable average daily profit of $94.31, corresponding to a significant 0.94% daily return. This performance stands notably higher in contrast to conventional trading practices.

The CoinTech2u trading bot, fortified by AI capabilities, operates around the clock, vigilantly monitoring market fluctuations. This perpetual vigilance enables both long and short positions to be executed automatically, employing efficient and premeditated trading strategies.

Confidence is instilled in CoinTech2u users regarding the security of their funds and earnings. This assurance stems from the integration of API with an exchange, which safeguards funds within a dedicated trading account. This setup facilitates easy withdrawal of funds at any juncture.

The financial arrangement with CoinTech2u eschews fixed monthly or yearly charges for utilizing their AI bots. Instead, a profit-sharing paradigm is adopted: a 20% deduction is applied solely from profitable trades. In instances where trading endeavors yield no profits, no deductions are made.

In essence, the CoinTech2u trading bots prove to be versatile tools for effective profit generation, irrespective of market trends. A key facet of CoinTech2u's offering is the automated profit guarantee system, which functions as a safeguard against losses.

Individuals intrigued by CoinTech2u's proposition can delve deeper into its workings at the official CoinTech2u website and even proceed to a free registration at cointech2u/register. Moreover, participation in the Thai user discussion group is encouraged for further engagement and insights.


  • CoinTech2U seamlessly connects to APIs on exchanges like Binance, OKX, and Bybit, ideal for users lacking time to trade manually.
  • No monthly or annual fees; CoinTech2U deducts a 20% profit share only from successful trades, allowing withdrawals for non-profitable trades.
  • User funds are secure as the bot cannot withdraw funds, keeping profits within the exchange accounts.


  • CoinTech2U focuses on the futures market, entailing higher risks compared to spot trading.
  • While receives a low trust score from ScamAdviser, it's attributed to potential computer issues. The SSL certificate, lack of malware, and DNSFilter's safety assessment affirm the site's security.
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